When I first started thinking about spring, I was day-dreaming of a getaway and the elation of carefully curating a wardrobe filled with possibilities — for whatever the days may hold, wherever the map takes you. A collection of chic outerwear for put-together airport ensembles, where navigating terminals feels akin to sailing the high seas. Refined nautical touches that gracefully transition from travel wear to chic resort wear the moment you disembark. Tropical floral and fauna prints that transport you to far-off destinations. I wanted to capture the feeling you get when you explore local boutiques and markets — that vibrant energy, and have it reflected in the details of each outfit. Integrate the allure of bright colors for those unforgettable late nights — turning the cobblestone streets into your personal runway. And pair all of that with the ease of figure-flattering dresses for ‘one-and-done’ dinner looks.


Blending classic elegance with a pulse of the present, The Resort Issue embodies a sense of wanderlust, bringing to life the thrill of travel and the joy of discovery through the lens of style. Much like the never-fading memories from your treasured getaways, our designs are the epitome of ever-enduring style, always ready to go and destined to remain a perennial favorite in your fashion repertoire.


Featuring flattering fits, all-day comfort fabrics, and captivating details that catch the eye, The Resort Issue ensures you’ll feel perpetually chic, confident, and entirely fabulous from takeoff to touchdown.


Catriona Belsham
Vice President of Design



Your passport to a world where style meets the carefree essence of vacation. Let these bold floral prints and elegant silhouettes transport you to exotic locales.


Chart a course to luxury with midnight blues, vanilla dreams and elusive maritime motifs. Explore sophisticated pieces that effortlessly blend comfort with nautical style.


Embrace the spotlight in vibrant, eye-catching hues
that keep all eyes on you, all night long.

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