Collection 223

Meant to highlight the season’s essence, interpreted through timeless fashion, the collection explores nature’s wonders with design stories depicting arrays of animal prints, geo patchwork, graphic monochrome patterns, bold and abstract florals and retro paisley prints.

In a symbolic nod to harvesttime hues, warm notes of Mocha, Sand, Amber Stone, Nutmeg and Maple mingle with opulent tones of Vineyard’s deep burgundy, Rainforest’s rich green, Lagoon’s soothing teal, Nightfall’s obscure indigo, Avocado’s moss green and Slate’s misty grey.

In the spotlight, find lux faux leather and fur, elevated knitwear, versatile dresses, and the warm embrace of splendid outerwear. Ornate and striking embellishments weave seamlessly into timeless tailoring and modern silhouettes.

For cozying up in color, elevating everyday styling, or making grand entrances in power pieces, the 223 collection plunges you into autumnal textured treasures to fill any fashion void.

Celebrating 65 years of fashion