Celebrating 65 years of fashion

About Joseph Ribkoff

Joseph Ribkoff designs classic and contemporary garments for fashion-forward women with a youthful state of mind. Each one of our carefully tailored pieces offers the effortless fashion, fit, and quality that we’ve been synonymous with for over 60 years.


Design with a Point of View

As a brand buttressed by years of knowledge and experience, we want to inspire more than style. We are committed to creating beautiful, quality clothing that adorns its wearer with unapologetic confidence and timeless elegance.
We believe more is more and embrace the maximalist art of combining prints, patterns, and colours. We celebrate everything new and different and thrive on reimagining ourselves with each collection.

Empowering Fit

In pursuit of excellence, we never compromise our standards. Every Joseph Ribkoff piece embodies decades of craftmanship and experience, utilizing the best fabrics and distinct designs to yield effortless elegance and style.
The perfection of our fits reflects our deep understanding of the female form. Sexy and flattering, without sacrificing comfort, our styles are designed to make you feel radiant at any age or size.

Forever Reinventing Ourselves

Upholding our legacy of craftsmanship and love for bold design, we’re constantly innovating and improving. When it comes to product design, fabric selection, manufacturing, and social impact, we know the status quo isn’t enough. Each new collection is an opportunity for change that pushes us to think outside the box. We are constantly evolving and striving towards better and greener alternatives. Our endlessly curious team loves to experiment and reinvent with a future-forward sensibility.

Today, Joseph Ribkoff's aspirational label thrives in over 60 countries worldwide

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Celebrating 65 years of fashion