“I love fashion, but I love people more.”

-Joseph Ribkoff


We cherish our relationships with suppliers, distributors, and most importantly, our valued retail partners and customers. Our commitment to partnership extends beyond transactions; it’s about fostering connections that endure. We understand that in the world of retail, it’s not just about products on the rack but the partnerships we build and the experiences we create together.


Built on

Excellence in service is at the core of our business. We believe our success begins with yours. While our goal is to delight our consumers, our passion is to create longlasting relationships with our retail partners.

Our global sales teams ensure personalized local support, a keen understanding of respective local markets and a personal touch at every step of the collaboration. Our dedicated head office team provides a flexible and robust support system that contributes to the success of our partners.

& Brand/

We understand fashion retail is a highly competitive industry, and supporting our partners with marketing and sale tools can be crucial for mutual success.

We strive to create compelling brand imagery that resonate with our audience and showcase our fashion products in their best light. Supplying an array of digital assets for our retail partners is essential for helping them effectively sell products in today’s digital age; including a portal of campaign images, ecom images, videos, product descriptions, pricing information, and other marketing materials. Moreover, we offer Point of Service (POS) marketing packages designed to support our partners and visually enhance the in-store shopping experience.

With our commitment to creating beautiful campaigns and empowering our partners, we ensure that their fashion retail business not only stands out but also thrives.


Our global sales teams are reliable and customer-centric partners. The goal is to build strong and lasting relationships with partners by providing not just products, but also a seamless and tailored experiences that caters to our partners specific business needs.

We help take personalized experiences in store to the next level with Trunkshows. These unique, customized events create lasting impressions with customers, showcasing our styles in an intimate setting that fosters connections and conversions.

Our personalized approach cateres to our partners unique requirements. This encompasses handling special orders, facilitating re-orders, and implementing the Never Out of Stock (NOS) Essentials program to ensure a consistently available and well-managed inventory. Our global sales team is committed to ensuring our partners' success.

B2B Partner Platform /

We provide a dedicated platform for our B2B partners, offering an engaging and fluid shopping experience. This platform is designed to make it easy for
partners to explore and order our products, all the while navigating through a captivating brand experience.


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