About us

Joseph Ribkoff

Joseph Ribkoff began his journey as a fashion pioneer, in 1957, at the age of 21. Through creativity, hard work, and dedication, he developed a brand for women with a youthful state of mind.

Today, Joseph Ribkoff’s aspirational label thrives in over 60 countries around the world, as his iconic, timeless products continue empowering women to live the most exciting chapter of their lives. Mr. Ribkoff’s vision runs deep within the organization as his values resonate in everything from the high-quality, uniquely designed products, to its unwavering commitment to its retail partners.

His passion to make women look and feel their best remains an essential part of the company’s DNA and culture.

Domenic Mancini
Chairman of the board

Domenic Mancini has enjoyed a successful career, spanning more than three decades, in both senior operating and financial roles. He obtained a Graduate Diploma in Accounting from Concordia University as well as Bachelors of Commerce in Finance and Accounting from McGill University. Mr. Mancini is also a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA). Mr. Mancini joined Novacap in 2005. Mr. Mancini is currently Chairman of the Board of four existing Novacap platform companies, previously Mr. Mancini was Chairman of the Board of five Novacap platform companies.

John Gunn
President / CEO

John Gunn is named CEO of Joseph Ribkoff. Mr. Gunn brings many years of experience as president and CEO, where he oversaw the development and implementation of multiple company's long-term and short-term strategy and objectives and has managed company operations and resources. Previously, he held several senior positions in Canada and U.S. as president and CEO both in retail and wholesale branded operations.

When you put your life into work, it’s like making art; you have to detach yourself from it and see it live on– Joseph Ribkoff