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Vice-president of

This season, I wanted to pay tribute to the vibrant decade that birthed expert tailoring and “golden girl” silhouettes: the 70s. Playful, vibrant and with an emphasis on ease of movement, the era was one in which women dared to dream in technicolor and in which organic textures like suede and leather flirted with luxurious and languid fabrications of silks and satin. The power fashion gave to women was at a historic high; the unfettered welcome of glamour in their closets and the freedom and innovation seen in styles from catwalks to the streets were unprecedented. In the Bold Issue, I drew inspiration from the revolutionary shift in fashion that defined the decade, and that continues to ignite fascination and enthusiasm today.

The Bold Issue visits different stylistic avenues inspired by the era: some drifting through vivid colorways and retro-inspired prints while others take us to neutral grounds where textures and earth tones meet. Find styles for every mood and moment: tops and overpieces ready to be loved and layered, statement outerwear made to become city-sleek staples, envy-inducing crisply tailored sets, satin separates in dialed up brights and dresses that sculpt and caress every curve. Furthermore, a vast selection of cozy knitwear is ready to welcome you with fuzzy arms and pave the way for texture play.

Paying homage to emblems and pioneering designers of the past, and borrowing trends that once reigned supreme with Bianca Jagger, Olivia Newton-John and Jane Fonda, I wanted to highlight a refreshed and contemporary version of easy-going glamour. Head-to-toe tailoring and color dressing; as well as a new take on fitted wide lapel blazers, wide-leg pants, jersey wrap dresses, satin blouses, leatherette vests and chunky sweaters are no longer just things of the past. From “the way we wore” to the way we wear now, the Bold Issue presents a modern crossover between effortless-glam and impactful power-dressing made to be worn with elegance and confidence by women unafraid of standing out from the crowd


Catriona Belsham
Vice President of Design


“Soft wear” update: novelty ponchos and ultra-soft knitwear duos in updated colors and motifs. A warm embrace, a soothing touch – our season’s transitional weather heroes are the perfect countdown to cozy. In this curated assortment of knitwear, find a chic color-blocked and ultra-soft long poncho decorated with fur trims, as well as a refreshed version of our chart-topping knit ensemble and a brushed yarn sweater that promises to heat you up in cooling temperatures. Get tangled up in the coziest knits of now.


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