The  Anniversary Issue

Letter from the
Vice president of


Taking a deep dive into our 65-year-long legacy, I reflected on the past, unexpected shifts, but mostly, the evolution of Joseph Ribkoff in fashion. They say the more it changes, the more it stays the same. Through it all, the one thing I can say has prevailed through the years is our source of inspiration. The women we dress, from a generation to another, have and will continue to be the driving force behind every single one of our designs.

With the Anniversary Issue, I aimed to celebrate autumn’s equinox and the feminine form through a delicate blend between old and new, bridging our past and future, creating pieces that are beyond simple outfits, but hybrid explorations of self-expression and Joseph Ribkoff’s style legacy.

In a symbolic nod to autumnal hues, warm and neutral notes mingle with hints of subdued color and arrays of unique animal, abstract and check prints. Find a subtle 1970’s influence viewed through our modern lens adorning tried-and-true Joseph Ribkoff styles. With a retro flair, yet resolutely modern and new, this collection highlights our proven savoir faire. Rich textures of lux faux leather and fur, ornate and striking embellishments that weave seamlessly into timeless tailoring, emblematic knits and cuts and a vast range of empowering fits, blur the lines between casual dressing and elevated everyday wear. These novelty styles fill any fashion void.

Designed with you in mind, we have created and curated a selection of timeless and iconic pieces for every moment, mood, destination, and discovery. Fueled by the legacy of 65 years of craftsmanship, passion, and progress, I proudly present the newest chapter of Joseph Ribkoff’s fashion story.


Catriona Belsham
Vice President of Design



Celebrating 65 years of fashion