As the world picks up where it left off and we inch back towards our well-awaited social lives, we finally have reasons to dress up again: to ease out of the relaxed outfits that have been worn on repeat and rediscover the joy of feeling like the best version of ourselves. For me, this is an exciting opportunity to rise to ever y occasion in swoon-worthy silhouettes, to let our femininity shine through, and to make an unforgettable entrance wherever it is we are going.

With the 221 Signature collection, we aimed to create fashion for the moments of shared joy and celebrations. Soft pastels, gradient hues of blue, vibrant Orchid pink and colorful prints coalesce in a splendid and lively selection of pieces. Watercolor florals and rich patterns reminiscent of the tropics beautify chiffon dresses, soft ruffles, portrait necklines, and ethereal draping. Meant to highlight one’s allure and enhance silhouettes of all shapes and sizes, these thoughtfully designed occasion pieces are the pinnacle of feminine
styling. Equal parts bold, beautiful, and refreshing.


Catriona Belsham
Vice President of Design


Celebrating 65 years of fashion